Publisher: University of Massachusetts Press, 1997                      


Background (Excerpt from the back cover):

Long considered the most mysterious and inaccessible country in Europe, Albania is still little known and poorly understood. The recent political and financial crisis brought about by collapsing pyramid investment schemes is only the latest example of Albania’s unique situation. To discover how Albanians see the world and their place in it, Stan Sherer and Marjorie Senechal spent three months in the northern mountains, photographing and interviewing people of all ages and all walks of life. In Long Life to Your Children! (the title is an Albanian toast), ordinary men and women invite the reader into their homes and talk about their work, their children, their hopes, and the problems they face as their country emerges into the modern world after nearly fifty years of isolationist communism.

The text includes introductory chapters on Albanian history and customs, as well as several photographic essays that convey a vivid sense of place. The book captures the beauty of the country, the warmth of the people, and the rigors of contemporary Albanian life.


About the Authors:

Stan Sherer

Marjorie Senechal


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